Onsite Installation Information

Onsite Installation Information:

ARG Accessories offers onsite installation on selected products. As we offer range of parts & accessories, some are easy for DIY installation, while others can be more complex. 

We have a service department onsite with a team of experienced & OEM trained technicians & mechanics. You might have a few questions regarding how we can make your journey seamless. Therefore, we have compiled a few questions you might have.

  1. How much will it cost to install my parts/accessories?
    It depends on the product and the complexity to install. Our team can quote you on the time & the hourly cost it will take to install the product. You will need to contact us at 02 9933 8160 or email us at installation@argaccessories.com.

  2. How long will it take to install my part/accessories?
    Again, this depends on the type and complexity to install. Please follw question 1 above prior to purchasing.

  3. How to know if it will fit my vehicle?
    Most products we have listed should have the details on installation. However, we do recommend to check with us before you purchase. Contact us at:  02 9933 8160 or email us at: installation@argaccessories.com

  4. What products can you install?
    All products we offer in this website can be installed by our team onsite. On the bright side, if you would like to bring your own part/accessories and just leverage for the install, we will be able to assist you on that as well. However, it will depend on the time, schedule of our team. Hence, we ask you to contact us for a quote and speak with our team first.

Why choose us for installation?

  • Up to Date Methods and Technology

    We use the most up to date and advanced methods to carry out our wheel alignment services. It means that we can be precise when ensuring your parts are strongly aligned exactly as they should be. We’re always looking to improve our methods too.

    Modern technology makes it quick and easy to carry out this work for you. That fact, combined with the expertise and experience of our team members, means that you won’t be without your car for very long before it’s back on the road.

  • OEM Trained technicians & mechanics with years of experience
    Our team is a group of enthusiastic highly trained techincians/mechanics with years of experience knowing ins and out of LDV & MG vehicles. This not only makes the installation faster but is also backed with assurance so you wouldn't have to worry about it in the future.

  • Ensure Safe and Efficient Driving
    We take safety very seriously and we believe all drivers should. That’s just one of the reasons why proper wheel alignment is so vitally important. If your parts/accessories are not fixed properly, it could make you and anyone else in your vehicle less safe on the road.

  • Relax in comfort while you wait
    That's right, we've got a spacious customer lounge while you wait. You can help yourself with a coffee, snacks and enjoy your time watching TV shows while your car gets done. 

  • Future Perks
    We continuously look to offer new perks for our customers. So that when you decide to upgrade in the future, you will get the best offer out of us. 

    You can also get updated with the latest accessories catalouge in your inbox by joining our mail list here.

So, ready to re-build your vehicle? Fill up the form below and one of our team will reach out to you soon.